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Happy New Year from Jumpstart Video Production

  Look for More Blog Content in 2021 Happy New Year from all of us at Jumpstart Video Production. The blog topics I write about tend to focus on ideas or solutions that business owners or marketers can use to drive sales. Much of my work in video production has involved creating advertising and promotional video content. In many cases I worked directly for business owners and marketers. I have always enjoyed working with entrepreneurs, sales professionals and creatives. The Jumpstart Video team thrives in a small business setting where the resources are limited and the results are measurable and critical.  Of...

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Using Video to Promote Yourself on LinkedIn

LinkedIn can be a powerful tool for professionals to market their skills, interests, and current status in the workplace. Many companies post job openings on LinkedIn, and use it to learn more about applicants. However, it can be discouraging to see a potential job, begin the application process, and realize 100 people have already applied for the same job. This inundation of applicants is troublesome for employers as they must carefully sift through countless resumes to find the perfect candidate. However, there is a way to cut through the noise and ensure you stand out to a potential employer.  A personal...

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Hiring a Videographer Versus Hiring a Video Production Company

There are benefits to hiring a videographer or commissioning a solo video production professional to produce your video project. There are also benefits to hiring a video production company for the same task. Like a lot of vendor searches and purchasing decisions finding the right fit is a mix of cost, chemistry and choice. Individuals or organizations looking for either a solo professional or a video production team to create video content take in a variety of quotes, pitches, demo reels and stories. The decision to partner with a videographer or a video production company ultimately comes down to preference. Some...

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