Website Videos

Jumpstart Video Productions does not design or develop websites but instead focuses on the work of creating videos for websites.  Website videos drive traffic,  customer education, conversion and sales.  What really drives the Jumpstart Video team is the community of entrepreneurs, marketers, website designers and developers, advertising agencies and digital marketing firms. They are all in need of a video production vendor well versed in creating great video content within the scope of the project and the vision of the client.

What makes a website video project a success?  Jumpstart Video producers define success as the achievement of the perfect balance between cost, quality, timeliness and results. Success comes through working with a team that knows how to blend the subjective nature of developing art along with creativity and measurable business goals.  Jumpstart Video seeks to provide industry leading ROI in the business of crafting promotional and educational website videos.

Website videos created by the team of producers in a small Jumpstart Video studio environment can yield big results. The process involves using talented editors, motion graphics artists and voice over actors building on a strong message and call to action developed through collaboration between the client and the video team. Achieving results through creative and non-traditional methods shouldn’t be surprising. At Jumpstart Video, satisfied clients due to the consistent development of videos that get results is the norm.