Video Production Estimate Rates Table


Length of Final Production

Production Style
1 Minute2 Minutes3 Minutes4 Minutes5 Minutes6 Minutes7 Minutes8 Minutes9 Minutes10 Minutes
Event Videographer $1,000$1,200$1,500$1,800$2,100$2,400$2,700$3,000$3,300$3,600
Freelance DP with Industry
Standard Equipment
Corporate Video Style
Client is Producer
Corporate Video Style Production Company Provides Producer$4,500$5,000$5,500$6,000$6,500$7,000$7,500$8,000$8,500$9,000
Digital Cinema Style Client is Producer $5,000$7,000$9,000$11,000$13,000$15,000$17,000$19,000$21,000$23,000
Digital Cinema Client Production Company Provides Producer$7,000$9,000$11,000$13,000$15,000$17,000$19,000$21,000$23,000$25,000
This table lists possible budget scenarios for a range of video production styles and the length of the final presentation. These production rates include consultation, planning, shooting, editing and graphic production only. Script writing, talent fees, location costs, craft services, travel, costumes, props, sets and advanced animation or special effects are to be quoted separately on a custom need basis.