Includes initial discussion about the video project, the strategy, the messaging, the look and feel of the video, the production plan, the copy points, assigning roles, and developing the budget. The client owns the entire body of work created. The production company selected provides additional services to offset the initial investment made in the video blueprint. The exact script and illustrated story boards are not included in this video blueprint.
Clients may use the video architect blueprint with any production company they like. Our production companies are the only ones who will offer a rebate for the initial investment of creating the video blueprint. This rebate comes in the form of video production services provided at no charge such as an additional half day shoot or additional editing services that are comped because the initial investment was made and our production operation was selected
The purpose of the video blueprint is to be able to provide a more specific quote that will be more accurate. It is also intended to separate clients who are worthwhile and legitimate from those who are disorganized and underfunded. We know that we will be more attracted to clients who see this as an incredible value and the proper way to do things. One important aspect of the video blueprint is that it will help us determine if the client would like to have the video production company experience, the videographer experience or the agency experience.

Investment: $250