Using Video to Promote Yourself on LinkedIn

LinkedIn can be a powerful tool for professionals to market their skills, interests, and current status in the workplace. Many companies post job openings on LinkedIn, and use it to learn more about applicants. However, it can be discouraging to see a potential job, begin the application process, and realize 100 people have already applied for the same job. This inundation of applicants is troublesome for employers as they must carefully sift through countless resumes to find the perfect candidate. However, there is a way to cut through the noise and ensure you stand out to a potential employer. 

A personal introduction video uploaded to LinkedIn gives you the opportunity to show employers how you carry yourself and provide more context as to who you are as a professional. Video is a rich media format that is more enjoyable to view than a simple text resume. A video will entice more employers to consider you, giving you a leg up on the competition. It also allows you to further elaborate on your background and communicate your ambitions, giving employers a look into your personality. Companies want to know as much about candidates as possible before making a decision, and giving them a window into your goals, skills, and passions, makes you far more marketable and likely to acquire a job. A LinkedIn introduction video is like a commercial, but for yourself! 

Conveying Professionalism on Camera

Many people are hesitant to record themselves and could end up coming off as nervous and unprepared on camera. So what steps can you take to ensure you highlight your professional strengths? The first step is to prepare what you want to say about yourself. You don’t necessarily have to script out each word, but listing out the points you want to hit ahead of time and practicing what you will say will ensure that you appear focused, concise, and confident on camera. Have your friends or family watch you prior to recording so they can give notes on the content of your introduction and delivery. Posture is a very revealing detail, so ensure you’re sitting up straight. Good posture will communicate confidence and dependability.

Additionally, you should ensure you look professional and proper on camera. Always remember to dress for the job you want, not the job you currently have. Wearing professional clothing that matches the typical attire in your desired field will communicate you’re prepared and experienced. 


Now that you have your introduction speech rehearsed, confident posture, and appropriate attire, you must plan out how you’re going to record your introduction video. Most laptops and desktop computers have built in front-facing cameras. However, oftentimes these cameras are low quality. There is a better option and it’s sitting in your pocket right now. Many modern smartphones have fantastic rear facing cameras. I’d recommend resting your smartphone at eye level or purchasing a tripod to record yourself. 


There are some extra steps you can take to increase production quality. On screen graphics can help visually communicate your career and the benefits of hiring you. Consider you’re a salesperson trying to show your positive impact on sales at your current job, a simple bar graph can visually show any data you’re trying to present in your video.


Additionally, lighting can also enhance your videos production quality by leaps and bounds. One simple light illuminating you will make your skin tone pop on camera, and will differentiate you from your background, diverting eyes towards yourself and what you have to say. This inexpensive LED ring light is a great option. 


Once you’ve given your introduction on camera, the next step is to edit the footage together, add helpful graphics, and upload! Many computers come with free video editing software. Macs ship with iMovie and Windows PC’s ship with Windows Movie Maker. However, if you’re uneasy about video editing and just want a great result, Jumpstart Video Productions can help! Our site offers a simple tool to upload your own footage, and we can have a talented Jumpstart video editor do the rest of the work for you. Visit our website to learn more about how we can assist you.


 Now that you have some tips on making your LinkedIn introduction video, there is nothing stopping you from getting a leg up on the competition. When searching for your dream job, don’t get lost in a sea of applicants, make a video for LinkedIn introducing yourself, skills, and why you’re the best candidate.