TV Commercials

We specialize in producing high-quality TV commercials at the speed of business. We produce all of our spots using existing photo, video, and graphic assets, many of which are client supplied. This helps keep the cost down and allows us to deliver great results on a tight budget and timeline.

Our team of producers, editors and animators have years of experience creating TV commercials for local and regional advertisers across the country. Tap in to that experience by collaborating with Jumpstart Video to refine your message and develop an effective TV commercial that gets results.

Jumpstart Video was founded as a production resource for advertisers looking to reduce commercial production cost and get more out of their media spend. Clients include advertisers, advertising agencies, television stations and cable companies. Strong relationships exist between Jumpstart Video producers and a network of media buyers and media sales executives who frequently refer advertisers to Jumpstart Video when the need for TV Commercial production arises.

:15 Commercial


:30 Second Spot


Editing and graphics for a 30 second commercial where you supply the assets (photos, video, etc.).

:10 Second Tag


We create a 10 second tag to appear at the end of an existing commercial.